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Vehicle Air Conditioning Re-gassing, Repairs & Maintenance

Laindon MOT Centre offer a comprehensive vehicle air conditioning repair and maintenance service.

We can assist vehicle owners with a wide range of air conditioning issues such as re-gassing, maintenance and repairs.

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Importance of Vehicle Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning systems in cars fundamentally operate from the Compressor.

This is the most expensive part of the system to replace and regular maintenance ensures that lubrication and refrigerant levels are always at optimal levels, severely reducing the chances of Compressor failure.

Regularly having your Air Conditioning system serviced also ensures optimal engine and fuel efficiency, saving money in the long run.

Over time dust, pollen and dirt can accumulate in the systems air filters. When the system is serviced, these filters are checked and replaced if necessary which increases the cleanliness of the air circulated throughout the vehicle.

As Air Conditioning systems rely on numerous different portions of the vehicle such as blowers and the heater core, replacing a failed system is extremely expensive and time consuming. By having your system regularly inspected and maintained, the chances of the system failing are reduced significantly.

Why Use Laindon MOT Centre?

We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, efficient and excellent value service in Laindon and the surrounding Basildon and Essex area.

Our garage is open 6 days a week and we offer a whole host of additional mechanical services alongside our Auto Air Conditioning such as MOT, Vehicle Diagnostics and Vehicle Repairs.

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